“The men were amazed and asked, ‘What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!’” (Matthew 8:27).


I use this blog to share some of my dreams, visions, and direct encounters, with the spiritual, which I hope will offer help and encouragement, and most of all, glorify God. There was a time when I questioned why so many encounters involved dealing with the demonic, but since then, I’ve come to recognize the fact that demons are an unfortunate part of living in a fallen world; those dark principalities and powers spoken of in the Bible. My first encounter occurred in my own home. The entity resisted, it yelled, “Get out!”, it banged on the other side of the attic door, it exuded a presence of heaviness and oppression, throughout the house; it even left an image on a cell phone, during the night, while I slept. A friend and I went room by room and blessed my entire house, and ultimately, the spirit was driven out for good, in the name of Jesus.

On another occasion, my family and I visited a home that an entity had been inhabiting for a while. There was a back bedroom where it was known to inhabit more than any other place in the house. Everyone else visiting with me felt uncomfortable in the room and didn’t want to sleep in there. I walked into the room and didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, so I agreed to take the room. As we were winding down for the night talking in the living room, I began to doze off, then in a flash, I had a vision! I saw a black hooded figure crouching down, hiding, in a corner of the bedroom I was supposed to sleep in that night. And then I realized what I was seeing, and I knew what God wanted me to do. I don’t believe it was the least bit afraid of me; the demon was trembling in fear of the Holy Spirit dwelling within me. “The men [referring to Jesus] were amazed and asked, ‘What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!’” (Matthew 8:27). As I prayed in Jesus’ name, commanding the spirit to depart and return to hell, I felt a sensation wrapping around my neck, but the Lord prevailed, and drove out the spirit. An interesting turn of events, from earlier that evening, was that within minutes of my vision, the host just happened to mention, somewhat jokingly, the house was supposedly haunted; that couldn’t have been a coincidence. I followed up with our host, a few weeks later, and he reported no further activity.

On another occasion, God lead me to a woman who recently purchased a house (I believe her first) for herself and her children. Since closing on the house, she and her children began experiencing troubling activity, including seeing a dark shadow figure dash back and forth between bedrooms. The woman revealed, to me, that she was questioning her sanity at times; this isn’t an easy thing for most people to talk about, but her fear was genuine. The entity put up no resistance, while I moved from room to room blessing the house. In fact, I believe the Lord went before me, and drove out the presence, in the same way he went before the Israelites crossing the Jordan into Canaan (Deuteronomy 9:3). After a few months, I followed up with the homeowner, and she reported no further activity.

I am alarmed by the increasing interest in the occult, especially among young people, and I do not share these kinds of accounts to glorify those forces, or to encourage that interest. Ouija boards, Tarot cards, witchcraft, visiting haunted locations seeking an encounter with the other side, and similar activities are all wildly dangerous. No wonder the Catholic Church reports a steady rise in demonic possession. The truth is that these are gruesome and terrible beings, of great power and strength, yet I’ve seen them literally cower, trembling in fear of God! The very best part of all three experiences was seeing God glorified; encounters the enemy intended to be all about his own glory, turned out, instead, to be all about the love and mercy of God in Christ Jesus. Almighty God is greater than the principalities and powers of this world!

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