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Lunching Ladies

trimming Christmas tree

When I was a child, the Christmas season was, as it is for most children, an exciting time!  We never knew what our Christmas tree would look like because sometimes our father would offer something new.  The aluminum tree in the picture was one Christmas that he wandered from tradition.  But the one tradition that always remained the same every Christmas, was that our parents made sure that we celebrated the real meaning of the season.

I remember my father, all 6 feet, 145 pounds of him, would dress up like Santa every Christmas Eve until I was 12 or so.  He would run around the house, pulling one of our sleds behind him, ringing bells and shouting “ho, ho, ho”!  It did not matter that he was a little skinny for Santa; he delighted us with his jolly antics!  My mother would then call us into the kitchen for hot chocolate before settling us into bed for, what she hoped would be, a long winter’s…

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