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...blessed hope...


My mother was an excellent seamstress.  At an early age, out of necessity, she was taught to sew, mend, and quilt.  In those days, the art of quilting was passed down from mother to daughter, not only to provide coverings for a bed but also as a time honored skill.  My mother and her mother would spend days working on quilting pieces, turning them into intricate shapes and patterns.  They would use a quilting frame to keep the quilts rigid as they slowly and painstakingly worked to finish all the hand sewing needed to achieve a finished quilt.

As my mother’s family grew, she found herself unable to invest the time it took to produce intricate blankets like a quilt.  She had three lively girls, and later on twin boys, running around demanding her attention.  And along with her duties as a minister’s wife, necessity called for a shortcut to…

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